Thursday, January 25, 2018

Marshall & Jennifer

There are some couples you meet with and you just know. You know they have a mad, deep love for each other. Marshall and Jennifer were exactly that. I had that feeling the moment I first met with them to discuss their dream wedding. We talked about how they met, their love for family, and their dream vintage wedding. I was hooked the moment Jennifer said the ceremony would be a standing ceremony with their closest loved ones surrounding them in a circle. From that meeting I came to love Jennifer and Marshall and began looking forward to the day we'd shoot their engagement session.
When Jennifer messaged me to let me know they wanted to shoot their engagement session at The Vintage Tavern in Suffolk, Virginia, I was so excited. The environment was dark and provided so much mood for the session. I loved the garden area with patio and seating, as well as the variations each room in the tavern provided. I had so much fun watching Jennifer and Marshall enjoy each other during the session. The love they share is so genuine. Here are a few of my favorites from the session. Let me know which ones are your favorite too. ♡

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