Collin & Madison

Friday, March 2, 2018

Usually within our first few minutes together I carefully watch how couples respond to each other. How do they look at each other? What does their facial expression say? What does their body language say? How do these people show the world who they are as a couple?
When I met these two, I instantly knew how they felt. Collin and Madison were so comfortable within their relationship. They genuinely loved being together and my time with them was something I'll never forget. What caught my attention the most is the way they embraced. Nearly each time I prompted them to "embrace" I was met with two people who were constantly in a hugging position. No, literally an unbreakable, never ending, long lasting hug. It was literally like the hug that reminds you the world and all its problems will never be able to drag you down; that when you come together, just the two of you, that nothing can separate you. I enjoyed my time with Collin and Madison. They were so dear to work with and I'm grateful to have met such a wonderful couple.

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