Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Daleys

Have you ever met people whose love story truly makes all the world around you stand still? This is how I felt when I met Kevin to discuss his vow renewal. Kevin wanted to surprise his wife with a vow renewal for their 15th year anniversary and the amount of detail he gave to the day was something to truly be stunned over. I was in awe at the way he doted on his wife. From secretly upgrading her wedding ring to flying in relatives she hadn't seen in years, this husband wanted to make this day a day to remember. I will never forget meeting him and discussing the details of the day. 

This vow renewal was to be disguised as family portraits until the day Kevin told Nikkia of his plan. These two didn't have a big wedding and they had also not ever had family portraits taken. So Kevin's master plan was to tell Nikkia that for their 15th wedding anniversary, he wanted to get family photos done but he wanted them to be in complete wedding fashion. What a great idea to mix the two together!

Sitting in a quaint little coffee shop, sipping my americano, I became extremely emotional listening to Kevin discuss his plan to woo his bride of 15 years. He told her to buy any wedding dress she wanted, get amazing heels, have her makeup professionally done, as well as her hair, and for the kids to get dresses and a tux. He was serious when he said he wanted wedding style portraits. 

When I asked him why he wanted to surprise Nikkia with this vow renewal, he simply said:


Can I just say that in that moment it took everything within me not to cry like a little baby! I definitely had to wipe away a tear as he continued to tell me their story. This man's love for his bride is so evident in everything he does and I couldn't wait for their special day and to see these two renew their vows.

The event would be held at First Lady of Suffolk, a beautiful historic venue. As the date approached I  contacted Nikkia about their portrait session and saw her gorgeous dress and discussed her vision for family portraits. Then the big day arrived and we began our day at The Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Suffolk. The day called for rain and a tornado even touched down three blocks from the venue but nobody noticed because all eyes were on these two. The rain and dreary weather couldn't keep the smiles off everybody's faces, especially not Kevin and Nikkia and their three beautiful children.

Nikkia and Kevin, you are why I love doing what I do. Congratulations on your beautiful day!

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