about Kristin

This is me. I find self portraits particularly difficult. The same things I preach to my clients are the same things I must preach to myself. "You're beautiful" and "I want you to feel natural" is what I always say, yet I understand why these sayings are not always believed nor felt. When the words beautiful and natural are used in this current day, most likely beautiful is meant by something resembling a magazine ad and natural is described as contoured and flawless. The way I see it, beauty can be seen everywhere and in some of the most raw and natural states we find ourselves in.

The photo above is me spending the day being Mom, which is what most of my days are like. Usually after two cups of coffee in the morning and after my middle schooler and husband are out of the house, my two boys and I spend the day playing with trains, fixing food stuff, playing chase around the table, taking naps during my editing time, cleaning up, playing some more, then waiting impatiently for the other adult and teenager to arrive home. My life is not glamorous by any means, but this is what life is for me in this present day. I photograph people and their major life events because the present is so important. Having photographs taken is not for everyone. I understand that. But for those who do want to document life in its present stage and forever remember the joy of their senior year, the excitement of an expected child, or the celebration of two hearts declaring their dedication to each other, I am here to help document that.
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